The fault in our stars

By now, this is a fairly well-known book: The fault in our stars by John Green. I’ve borrowed it from the library several times, but there was always a waitinglist, so I never got to finish it. Now I have, but I have not yet seen the movie. I can’t help but wonder how similar or different they are. Should I see the movie, or is it enough to have read the book?

John Green is a well-know autor, but this is only the second book I’ve read by him. Guess I’ll have to do something about that eventually.

Hazel Grace is the main character. She has cancer, that is the main thing about her. In a cancer-support-group she meets Augustus, he is a cancer-surviver. In some way this book does contain that nice old cliché; girl meets boy, falls in love…. The twist is of course the cancer-thing.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a cute story. It was different from a lot of other love-stories, due to the cancer (hm, I keep repeating that word). There was love, family, friends og feeling of loss.

I liked the story, the cancer added another layer to the life/love thing, but apart from that, I didn’t think it was that special. A part of me love how hyped John Green is, because it makes teenagers and other read, but are they really that exceptionally good books? Well, to each their own.

In my opinion it was a cute story, a little sad, but not all that different from things I have read before.

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