We were liars

Before I read We were liars by E. Lockhart, I had read a couple of reveiws of it. In some ways it prepared me for the book, in other ways it didn’t. Right from the start we meet Cadence. She comes from a family of money, where they don’t do anything wrong, they are all perfect. But as most people know, perfect isn’t always perfect.

We quickly are told about an accident that left Cadence with a head trauma, she has lost a lot of her memories from one summer. Something happened that summer, something they don’t talk about.

Cadence spent so many summers on the island her family own, with the rest of the family and a friend. They were four young people; Cadence, Johnny, Mirren and Gat. Right from the start of the book there is something off about Cadence. She exaggerate a lot when it comes to her feelings. I thought she meant it literary in the beginning, but then I realised she was using a lot of metafores. Although in some places it was hard to tell what was truth, exaggerated stories and lies.

I’m pretty sure I really liked the book. I couldn’t guess what was going to happen, something I really like. However, it was very confusing at times. In some ways I almost felt cheated when the story ended. Another part of me, jumped up and down, squealing with glee, because it was brilliant. It was suspence, romance, thrills, mystery and confusing. I don’t usually like being confused, but it this case I just want to say: Job well done!

My advise to others is (obviously): Read the book (and tell me what your opinion of it was) 🙂

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