An unnecessary woman

An unnecessary woman is written by Rabih Alameddine. It’s not a usual book for me, but for some reason I wanted to read it. It’s about an old woman living in Beirut. She tells the story about her life. About the war, her marrige, her friends (the few she has), and her passion in life: books. She has dedicated her life to reading books and translating them. When she translates books she finds english and french versions of the book she wants to translate, and then continues to translate it into arabic. She chooses one book every year.

I realise I wanted to read this book because it’s about someone who has love for books. The main character is a bit crazy (in a good way in my opinion), and she is different than many others in the society she lives in. She doesn’t follow the rules that are laid out by the society. She is strong and defiant.

I only got halfway through the book before I stopped reading it. I gave up on it. Unfortunately. My patience isn’t the best. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a god book with a good story. My problem is that it was a bit slow for me. I found the story interesting and I wanted to know how the main characters life went. But I still found it not quite for me. Maybe because I’m in some ways too used to young adult books, most of the time it just happens more in those books.

But at least now I know that I can safely recomend this book for a lot of people, just not quite myself 😉

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