Out of control

Move to a new city

Meet a hot boy

Run for your life

The words above was on the front page of this posts book; Out of control by Sarah Alderson. Yes, they left me intrigued and I wanted to read the book. I think wanting to read a book is a very good start.

There are no introductions in this book, we are put down just in the middle of a story and have to hang on for dear life as it continues forward. Liva isn’t just a pretty rich girl, just as there are more to her fast partner in crime, Jay. Liva feels like her life is spinning out of control because the people she was living with at the moment are shot and killed. When she is at the police-station, someone comes in and starts to shoot almost everyone in sight. Liva and Jay (who was there for stealing a car) manages to get out. That’s when they start to run for their life for real. At least Liva, because it’s her they are after. To bad for Liva that she doesn’t know why someone wants to kill her…

It’s a fastpaced book, with some twist and turns. I did not see everything coming, which I love 🙂 I love how kick-ass Liva is, that she isn’t some damsel in distress that Jay have to save. The save each other during the time of the book.

What I found a little more suspicious was how fast Liva and Jay started to trust each other. There is also something about something that happens at the end of the book, that I found hard to believe. But since I don’t want to spoil to much, I can’t say what it is… All I will say is that it turns out to be a pretty serious topic (which I didn’t see coming).

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3 Responses to Out of control

  1. Yeah… As soon as I read the back cover I was intrigued by the book. I’m kind of desperate to read it, actually. Sarah Alderson’s writing is absolutely adorable.

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    • I borrow this book at my library and I think it was my first Sarah Alderson. If you’ve got any suggestions to what to read next by her, feel free to let me know 🙂


      • The Sound was the first book I read by Sarah Alderson but I think you’re supposed to read the Lila series first ( I think the first book is called Hunting Lila). Both are pretty good although they’re from each other:)


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