Gathering blue

Gathering blue is a companion novel to The giver by Lois Lowry. When I heard about it, I thought it was a sequel, but I quickly realised my mistake. This is different characters, a different place and a completely different story. There still are som similarities in the books (at least in my opinion).

The main character is Kira, when we meet her, her mother has just died. That leaves Kira alone, with no family, and it seems that most of her villagers want her to go away because she has a bad leg. I can’t help think about middelages and times like that, when children that had a defect of some sort were left outside in the woods to die. Thankfully for Kira, her mother was stubborn and kept her. The council in the society she lives in takes her in because she is good with a needle. She is taken in because she can help them. She is to repair a robe with stiches that will make the fabric come to life.

Most of that seems like it’s all good. She meets the carver, Thomas that have been with the council since he was just a little boy. And she meets a lady that will help teach her how to color threads. The lady is old, and she knows a lot about the world. It is obvious that in some ways she knows more than what is good for her…

The similarities with the two books was, in my opinion, that the higher up you are in the society, the more power you have, the more control you have. Those in power can decide how most things work in a society, wether it is right or not doesn’t always matter that much, as long as they get to keep their power. A lot of times they control people by fear. Not because people fear those in power, but because the people are told it’s dangerous things out in the world, but as long as they do as they are told, they will come to no harm.

Danger can come in many forms: in The giver it was knowledge, it the people knew what that had been kept hidden, there would have been an uproar, and the society as it was could have dissapeared; in Gathering blue it was beasts around the village.

So what is worse? the people in power trying to contain society the way it is by lying and scaring people; or let people do what they want with no rules for society? I don’t believe true anarchy exists, there is always someone they turn to, someone the others look up to for advice. On the other hand, I don’t believe knowledge is bad, or that people should be threatened to follow rules. I know that all actions have consequences, and I think all societies needs rules. But to kill people because they are different, or treat them as less, is just not ok in my book.

I really liked this book, and I can’t wait to read the last two companion novels 🙂

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