The 5th wave

The 1st wave: Lights out

The 2nd wave: Surf’s up

The 3rd wave: Pestilence

The 4th wave: Silencer

The 5th wave is a book by Rick Yancey. It’s about aliens, something I don’t usually read that much about. I think that’s mostly because I haven’t found that many novels about aliens, not that I wanted to read at least…

I find this book hard to describe, even the synopsis. I haven’t read The host by Stephenie Meyer, but I’ve seen the movie (which is based on the book; don’t know how similar they are), and some of this book reminds me of that movie. The aliens are living inside some of the humans on earth. It’s a good thing they don’t know about it in the begining, they would have freaked out! But when their alien “spaceship” is seen, and lights and all kind of electronic devises goes out everywhere, that’s when all hell breaks loose. These aliens are smart, but the humans can’t fight them. To be able to fight someone, you usually have to see them, at least in some way.

How can you fight an enemy when you’re not sure who the enemy is?

Cassia, the main character, is sometimes kick-ass, and other times such a girl. A lot of the book is in her point of view, but there are also the view from her little brother Sams, and from a to-be-soldier named Zombie. Some times it took me almost a page to figure out which of the characters point of view we were in, but I sorted it out pretty quickly.

“If you don’t kill all of us all at once, those who remain will not be the weak.”

I loved this book, and I can’t wait for the next one in the serie – The infinite sea.

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