Don’t even think about it

Don’t even think about it by Sarah Mlynowski; how could you not?

High school is someones best years, and others worst nightmare. It all comes together in this book. The main character in this book, well, it’s not just one person, it’s all of them at once. This might get confusing very fast. In one way the book is told from an “I” perspective, but it’s not really an I any more, it’s a we. We this, we that. The reason for that is because everyone is helping in telling the story. Sounds confusing right?

The story starts in homeroom 10 B, when they are about to get their flu-shot. So far, so god. The problem with the flu-shot is that it gives them telepathy. Yes, that means they can hear each others thoughts. It’s a little disturbing, but for some it’s a good thing. People however lies a lot, some more than others.

But when telepathy is in play, nothing is secret anymore. The question is how do you live with it? and do you tell others?

Likes with the book:

  • telepathy
  • it’s always we, not I
  • everyday life

Dislikes with the book:

  • a little to much drama (can’t help but think that the telepathy should have been even more of a big deal)

In the end; I liked the book, it was entertaining. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s a book that I will remember for too long. This book has a sequel named Think Twice, but I don’t really feel the need to read that book. I’m sorry to say that even though it was a fun read, it didn’t give me the “feels”.

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