Playlist for a broken heart

Playlist for a broken heart is written by Cathy Hopkins. It’s about a girl named Paige. On the first pages of the book, her life is finally almost perfect in her opinion. Unfortunately for her, that world quickly unravels when her parents tell her that her father made some bad investments and lost all their money. Which means they are moving from London to her mothers sister in Bath.

Paige feels like her world is falling apart. After the move to Bath she finds a CD in a charity shop, that someone made for a girl named Sarah. She listens to the CD and starts to wonder who made it, and why it ended up in a charity shop. In Bath Paige shares a room with her cousin, and together they start to dig to find out who put together the CD.

This book is nice, girly fun. I read through it rather fast, but I still smile when I think about it 🙂 (I finished it two days ago) It’s a cute book with some boy-drama (of course), and food for thought: don’t judge a book by it’s cover…

Some people might surprise you, in turning out not in a way you thought they would. Sometimes it’s good, other times not so much. Paige gets to see both sides to that statement. Things are usually different shades of grey, and Hopkins have done a good job showing that in this book in my opinion.

Likes with the book:

  • Paige
  • Tasmin (Paige’s cousin) and Clover (Tasmins friend)
  • The friendships

Dislikes with the book:

  • It didn’t list all the songs on the CD
  • The ending was a little cliché
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