Battle is a book about dancing, love and life. It’s written by Maja Lunde, a norwegian author. When I was reading this book I couldn’t help think about the movie “Save the last dance”.

Amalie is the main character, we meet her when she is practising coreography for dance-class. She goes to a school, Valkyrien, in Oslo (the capital of Norway). She has lived a charmed life in the rich part of Oslo. We don’t get to know much about her mother, just that she was an excellent ballet-dancer. Amalie lives with her father in a big house with a pool, so her friends visit her often. Then, one day, Amalies life falls apart, or at least that’s what it feels like to her. Her father is bankrupt, and they have to move to the other side of Oslo, to a place called Stovner. Simply put, Amalie has never been to that part of Oslo before, it’s where a lot of poor people lives…

Amalie tries to hide her fathers bankruptcy for her friends. There is one upside to the move though, she meets a boy named Mikael. Mikael is a hip-hop dancer, a really good one at that. They meet, sparks fly 😉

I’ve seen a couple of other reviews about this book, most of them wanted more information about Amalies parents. I don’t agree with them. The focus is on Amalie, as it should be. She has learned to live with her mother not being around that much. She is used to her father being a certain way. She wants to keep up apparences with her friends, she don’t want to tell them about her father, it would be to embarrasing. She wants her life to be as it used to, or at least to still know who she is.

Dislikes with the book:

  • in many ways a very well know story
  • knowing to little about what Amalie thinks of her new situation and her fathers bankruptcy

Likes with the book:

  • it’s about dance 🙂
  • the story takes place in Oslo
  • well know story, but still very cute
  • well written; it feels real
  • the dance-scenes

I liked the book. Girl lives a charmed life, life falls apart, girl moves, meets cute and incredible boy and falls in love… Sure, the story is a bit cliché, but it’s doesn’t mean it’s not cute. In many ways the story seem real. I’ve also read that it was originally pitched for a movie-thing. All I’m saying about that is: I want to see the movie, espesially the dance-scenes! 🙂

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