One second at the time

One second at the time (En sekund i taget) by Sofia Nordin is a swedish book (I read one that was translated to norwegian: Ett sekund om gangen). The main character is Hedvig, and we meet her when she is running down the dark stairs from her apartment. The apartment where her mother, father and little brother is. They are dead, as is almost everyone else, due to a fever. Hedvig is scared and alone.

The scenarion when the book starts is a bad one, imagine being alone in the world, absolutely alone… It’s a scary thought! But Hedvig is human, and even though she is scared, and she runs past dead people in the streets, there is an instinct that keeps her alive. No matter how scared she is, there is something almost automatic about trying to stay alive. Thankfully she knows about a farm where they went on some school-trips. When she finally gets there, the animals are still alive. But being that alone in the world, well, it’s not easy.

I think the author does a very good job of letting us inside Hedvig’s thoughts. Her fear and frustration. In some ways the book is quite unbelievebal, maybe because it’s a scenarion I don’t even want to imagine. Maybe because it’s in Sweden, which is quite close to where I live. Maybe because I know there are diseases they have yet not managed to cure. It is a “what if” scenario I really don’t want to happen. And that leaves me with the question “what if”?

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