Night school

When everyone is lying, who do you trust?

I want to read the next book right now! (unfortunately, my library don’t have it) I’m talking about Night school by C. J. Daugherty. I didn’t know much about the book before I started, only the blurb from the back of the book. Considering the blurb, the title and the fact it’s categorized as young adult, I assumed it had vampires in it.

An almost secret boarding school, night school and dangerous things lurking in the dark? I was hooked from the start. Allie is the main character. She is a fierce, but what adults would call a troubled kid. After getting arrested several times, her parents send her to boarding school. Cimmeria Academy is the school Allie is sent to. There is drama, love and secrets. Allie starts to find her way and is happy for at little while, until some things happen. Scary and dangerous things.

As I said, I assumed it was vampires, I was wrong. Some times the scariest things are not the things we have made up to go bump in the dark, it’s things that are real that can be truly scary. I’ll admit, I wasn’t scared when reading the book. I was a little confused about what night school really was since it apparently wasn’t about vampires. But I was also very relieved; finally a book about humans, not any supernatural in sight. It was a nice change of pace 🙂

The only thing that bugged me a little with the book was how quick Allie was at adjusting to life a boarding school… She was trying so hard to rebel and get the attention of her parent before she was sent there. I get that she doesn’t want to talk to them, but imidiately when coming to the school, she starts to work hard. I can’t help thinking that feels a little sudden.

A thing I really liked with the book was the short sentence I put first in this post. It’s a question I kept thinking about through the whole book, who is really telling the thruth? I’ll admit, a lot of times I thought Allie should trust some people, but a couple of pages later I wasn’t so sure. I love how the author kept me guessing.

All in all, a good book in my opinion. You get drama, relationships, love, suspence, action and unlikely things is the dark, but remember, nothing paranormal 🙂

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