Changers, book one: Drew

This is the story of how Ethan became Drew. T. Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper has written a book together: Changers, book one: Drew. How do authors co-write books? I can’t help but wonder everytime I see it. But that doesn’t really matter here. The book starts with Ethan. He is about to start his first year of high school, and if that isn’t enough, his family moved during the summer. Oh well, that happens sometimes, people move. Ethans biggest surprise first day of school is what happens almost as soon as he gets out of bed. He isn’t him anymore, he is now a she. He is a changer; and he has changed into a girl! A girl that gets the name Drew.

Ethan, or I mean, Drew, finds out that his father was a changer too. His parents just never told him about that fact. I can’t imagening waking up as the other sex. I have a felling that I would have been utterly confused (it would be hard not to…)

I like the premiss of this book. A new twist on the sex-change. What I don’t find all that believebal is that Drew seems to take a lot of it in a stride. Sure, there are confusing things, but she seem to get a lot of the “girl-world” right away. Yes, I know she doesn’t really have a choice, but still…

There is also this thing about beeing a teenager and trying to figure out who you are and who you want to be. I think that is hard for everyone, but this switch makes it all that much harder for Ethan/Drew. Spesially when he/she know that this is something the he/she has to go trough four times before the final desision will be made.

In conclusion: I like this book, I smile when I think about it. But since the title says “book one”, I suspect there will be a serie. So even though I like this book, and am glad that I read it, I probably won’t read the next one. (or maybe I will, nothing about the books I read is ever set in stone) Part of the reason I won’t read the next book is because I have to many books on my to be read list (748 books last time I checked….)

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