Battle royale

Battle royale is written by Koushun Takami. I’ve read the book once before, several years ago, and now I just finished re-reading it because of the bookcircle I’m in. Most of the other girls hadn’t heard about it before, even though they know The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins. I’m curious to hear what they think of Battle royale…

It is very detailed and graphic, quite disturbing and disgusting at times. Probably because it is about kids killing other kids. I wont talk much about the premise of the book, because if you’ve heard of The hunger games, a lot of the premise is similar. The government is in full controll, and they are the bad people. Our heroes are some of the kids. The book shows us that some people can take the pressure, while other panic and start to kill just to they can survive. I can’t blame them for the last part. I would have totally freaked out. I mean, it would have been either them or me and I kind of like being alive…

The descriptions of, well, everything (even those you don’t want) are very well done, I could picture almost everything. If you don’t like violence, kids killing other kids, or gory descriptions, don’t read the book! If you’re okay with it, go ahead, read the book, because it is a good book (at least in my opinion) 🙂

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