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Sweet damage

December 10, 2014

Yes, some would probably say I cheated a little bit yesterday; I mean, I had started reading Sweet damage by Rebecca James. But my intentions were good 🙂

I read James’s last book; Beautiful malice, and I loved it! I’ve been recomending that book to several teens at my library. The problem was when they came back and wanted something similar. Well, finally I have something to give them.

Sweet damage started a little slow, but with a sense of creepiness to it. The creepiness just grew, bigger and worse throughout the whole book. The main character, Tim, seemed like a good guy. Anna mostly just seemed weird, and Lilla was just a little to much for me. She was annoying, rud, and thought she was to be the center of the world, to everyone…

I loved the creepiness, how Anna was described, that we didn’t get all of the story right away.

Now to the things I wasn’t to happy about. Yes, I know that I wanted something similar to Beautiful malice to have to give to the teens that comes by the library, but in some ways this book might have been to similar. It’s been a while since I read that book, but I remember the feeling I had when I read it, it’s the same I have now. Sure there were some twist and turns, but the story did wrap up very nicely (mayby a little to well?)

I really liked the book, and I think the teens (at least the ones at my library) will like it to 🙂

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