Eleanor & Park

I’m in love; with the story, the book, with Eleanor & Park, and (of course) their first love. The feelings of the first love is incredible. In Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, that amazing feeling of first love, I could almost touch it (at least that’s what it felt like).

The chapters alternate between Eleanor and Park in a very well written symphony. They compliment each other the best way possible. The love between Eleanor and Park is so fragile, yet so strong. It’s everything one could always dream of.

I’m not going to say much about the book, what it’s about, because I can’t possibly do it justice. To say the book is about a redheaded girl named Eleanor and a korean boy named Park; they sit together at the school-bus, and they fall in love, sounds bland and a little boring. And while my mini-synopsis is true, the book is so much more.

I find it hard to describe this book because, well, all the feels… I just want to sit and feel. (It sounds strange, I know, but still…) I’ve heard a lot of praise for this book, and I agree. I read Fangirl a little while back, and thought it was really good, but this, Eleanor & Park, it’s absolutely fabulous! If there is still someone out there that haven’t read it, they should!

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3 Responses to Eleanor & Park

  1. R.N says:

    Looks like I need to order this book ❤


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