Pretty Girl-13

Pretty Girl-13 is written by Liz Coley. When I read the blurb on the back of the book, my thoughts went to a movie a saw many years ago, Sybil. That movie was about a girl that was abused by her mother, and her way of coping was ending up with several different personalities. It’s a mental disorder called Dissociative identity disorder (DID).

In Pretty Girl-13 Angie is the main character. She disappered when she was thirteen years old. Three years later she appears, almost out of thin air, back home. In the beginning she still thinks she is thirteen, because she doesn’t remember anything from the three years. She struggles, with coming back to her parents, with not knowing what has happend to her, and growing up. Angie goes to therapy to try to figure things out. She then learns that she has DID. That is why she sometimes don’t remember hours of the day. She is living in her own body, but there are other personalities, parts of her, that lives in her to.

I find this book hard to explain, but I really liked it. Sure, the therapy only takes some months, which is not really believebal, but the author says something about that in the epilogue. In my opinion the author has done a very good job trying to show the dificulties whit several personalities. Some people will accept it, others will not.

It’s a psycological thriller, and sure, there are a couple of elements of a criminal novel, but it’s the psyche of Angie that makes the book so good. Angie grows, and so does her other personalities. Because we sometimes hear them too.

It’s not the most pleasant book, but it’s not supposed to be. However it doesn’t go to much in detail, so it doesn’t feel to graphic.

Overall: a good book, a very good story, but I wouldn’t recomend it to everyone (but that is because of the subject of the book).

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