Rock war 1: Rock war

Rock war 1: Rock war is written by Robert Muchamore.

Source: I recieved this eARC from the publisher through NetGalley.

Publisher: Hachette Children’s Books

Publication date: february 5th, 2015

Summary from NetGalley:

Meet Jay. Summer. And Dylan.
Jay plays guitar, writes songs and dreams of being a rock star. But his ambitions are stifled by seven siblings and a terrible drummer.
Summer works hard at school, looks after her nan and has a one-in-a-million singing voice. But can her talent triumph over her nerves?
Dylan is happiest lying on his bunk smoking, but his school rugby coach has other ideas, and Dylan reluctantly joins a band to avoid crunching tackles and icy mud.
They’re about to enter the biggest battle of their lives. And there’s everything to play for.


I can’t live without music, so reading novels about it, makes perfect sense to me. This is why I wanted to read this book.

It starts of kind of slow; understandable since it’s to be the first book in a serie. That kind of start usually makes me bored because I’m not a very patient person. In this book however, I liked it. There are still a lot of things going on with all the three main characters. We really get to know Jay, Summer and Dylan, and their back-story. The story of their bands. We meet their friends and family. It makes them into people, not just stereotypes.

The point of view changes between the three main characters, but it’s easy to follow. They all live very different lives, but I think that it’s a good way to emphasize how the world is. Not everyone is rich; or poor. A family doesn’t necessarily consist of mum, dad and a couple of kids. A family is many times what you make it; not by blood, but by loyalty and friendship.

There is one thing I wished for more of in the book, it was music-references (but that’s because I always love to see how much I know about it)

In the end; I liked the book, and might very well read the next book in the serie (when it comes out…) 🙂

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