Popular – a memoir. Vintage Wisdome for a Modern Geek by Maya Van Wagenen. I heard a lot aobut this book, so of course I wanted to read it. It did not dissapoint. Maya is a young girl, wanting to be popular. Most kids in school stay in the social circle they’re in. That seems to be quite universal. If you belong to a group, you stay there. No need upsetting the status quo.

Maya was challenged by her mother and herself to do something about it. She decided to follow tips from a book written in the fifties (where they got the idea from). The book was a teen guide to popularity by Betty Cornell. Maya tried something new every month. Not everything worked as well as she hoped, but some thing did 🙂

I wish I would have had the guts to do what she did when I was a teenager. I’m glad Maya wrote this book so we could follow her journey. I hope a lot of people read this book, both teenagers and adults.

Remember: take the time to care for other people, be open to change and other people. Never be afraid to be the first person on the dancefloor!

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