Sunday update

I was supposed to be at work today, but instead I’m at home, under a blanket, freezing, drinking as much tea with honey as I can… Last week my computer died, and it took me some days to buy a new one… In other words, not the best weeks lately.

But, I have read some books πŸ™‚ I read Geek Girl by Holly Smale and really liked it! I also liked Popular by Maya Van Wagenen. I read a norwegian book (1957 by Jon Ewo), in addition to a graphic novel and an eARC (through NetGalley). The last two I mentioned now will have review up next week. I’ve gotten a little further in Wuthering heights, but I still can’t connect to the story. Foucault’s pendulum however, I’m seriously considering DNF that book… Maybe I’ll have better luck with the next 1001-book?

Some books I ordered online came, but there just haven’t been time to read them 😦 I can’t wait though!

I have started with the bookshelf-prosject, and I’ve come to the realisation that I read mostly books I borrow from the library…. I have more than 200 books on my shelves that I haven’t read. Yes, some of them are classics that I probably won’t read anyway, but still…. A lot of the books I’ve gotten at flea markeds (only books I’ve wanted to read that was in good condition, but still). Not quite sure how to get time to read them all….

How do you get the time to read all the books you want? Or are you like me, with a lot of unread books on your shelves? How do you pick which book to read next?

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