An age of license

An age of license: a travelogue is a graphic novel written by Lucy Knisley. This is my first graphic novel, I think. I mean, I read comics when I was a kid, but can’t remember reading any graphic novels.

Honestly, I’m not sure if this was the best start for me. Maybe graphic novels are an aquired taste?

I did like the fact that the author had written about a comic-festival in Norway. Raptus is the name of the festival and it occurs in Bergen. Some of the things she wrote about Bergen, I recognised (I’ve been to Bergen many years ago).

Sure, the pictures she had drawn was good, but I didn’t connect to the story. Not the way I do with novels. Because with novels I usually picture everything in my head, it’s automatic. I wasn’t capable of that with this graphic novel. But I’m not known for giving up easily. So if anyone out there have suggestions about graphic novels I could read to ease  me into that world, I would be grateful 🙂

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