Loki’s wolves

I’ve always liked mythology, both greek and norse. Loki’s wolves is written by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr, and it’s story is centered around some of the norse mythology. This book is the first book in the Blackwell pages.

Matt, Lauri and Fen are the main characters, with Matt as the most prominent one. Matt is the descendant of the norse good Thor. Actually, most of the people in Blackwell are descendants of norse goods. The book starts off with a fight between Matt and Fen. Not long after that, Matt learns that he is the chosen one, the one that according to the sagas will prevent the end of the world. He is the hero that will be first in line when it comes to fighting against Ragnarok.

Most of the book is told from Matt’s perspectiv, some from Fen, and a little bit from Lauri. This means we get to know Matt the most. There is still an all-knowing voice in between it all, that tells the readers things we need to know. I recognised pretty much all the myths that are mentioned (because I was obsessed with the mythology when I was a kid), which I think is rather amusing.

The book is 450 pages long, but it didn’t feel long. It has the occasional illustration, which  complimented the story very nicely. To me, that is important, partly because it makes it easier to “sell” to my readers at the library, but at the same time it doesn’t distract from the story. I liked this book; but: I read an edition that was translated to norwegian, and I strongly dislike it when books have typing errors in them….

I want to read the next book in the serie, but I would prefer to read the english version 🙂

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