House of secrets

What an imagination on these two authors! I’m talking about Chris Columbus and Ned Vizzini. They co-wrote the book House of secrets that I just finished. The first chapters set up the premise for the book in a good way. It’s easy to see that something is going to happen, and that’s okay (if it didn’t, it might get boring). This book however is anything but boring. Sure, the start isn’t the fastest, but there are still things happening from the start.

I like how the main character, the children, are separate personalities. They all have characteristics that sets them apart. This is done in other books too, but authors don’t always remember all the traits of their characters, it’s remembered here. Cordelia, the oldest, read a lot, so she is happy when she finds a library (since I love books and stories, of course I love that!). Brendan seems to want to be left alone a lot, but he still loves his family, and he is a fairly practical guy. Eleanor is the youngest of the siblings, and she is dyslexic.

When they are swept off to, well, read and find out! But even where they go, the kids are still themselves. They don’t get a lot smarter just because they are not where they used to be. Their personalities don’t magically change. That is one of the things I like with the book.

The other thing I like with this book are all the twists and turns the story takes. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but some things I could guess, others I could not.

If I were to complain about one thing, it would be that life sometimes got in the way, so I couldn’t read it all in one sitting. Which is why I wasn’t sure about the book in the beginning, I didn’t have time to enjoy the first hundred pages or so, because sleep, work, eating etc. The way I prefer to read my books is as much as I can at once. I don’t want to read two chapters, and then have to wait until the next day before I continue.

How do you like to read your books?

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