Talking Thursday

Talking Thursday will be a thing on this blog maybe, sometimes. Partially because I don’t read enough books to post three times a week, and partially because sometimes I like to ramble about other things (like work, life, bookshelfes).

I’ve said it before, this time of the year there are all these meetings (and some gardening and more time outdoor because the sun is getting warmer). I was at a meeting tonight, and at that meeting an award was given out. Originally I was in the jury, but got disqualified because my boss was nominated. Which, to me, was totally okay because he won! This makes me happy because he is a good boss that allows me and my colleagues to try out new things. If the things we try don’t work out, well, at least we have tried. If things do work out, we can do it again.

There is this thing we are going to do at work (and since I’m exited about it, I seem to be in charge of running the project – scary thing). Yes, there will be planning, and the event won’t take place until after summer (so plenty of time), but it will be the biggest things I’ve ever organized… We want to do a whole day with gaming, contests, cosplay and maybe a viewing of a movie (the last part probably wont happen, but hey, I’m allowed to dream big). Some of the volunteers I’ll be working with have done something similar before, just not in a library. There might be a lot of people coming to this event (possibly 150-200 people). The only event I’ve been in charge of before were visited by about 40 people… There will be a lot of organizing. I’m super excited about the event, but at the same time I’ll probably panic many times before it happens…

Wish me luck (and feel free to give me good advice) 🙂

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