Trouble is written by Non Pratt.

It’s told from alternate views: Hannah and Aaron.

Hannah, and her best friend Katie are by a lot of people at their school considered sluts, but it keeps them popular. Aaron is the new kid in school, one that doesn’t want to share why he had to move to a new school. One thing Aaron does is go to a local old folks home every week and spend time with Neville. After Aaron and Hannah meet at a party, a lot of people at their school think they hooked up.

We learn that most people have some secrets. Neville has his secrets, Aaron has a secret that made his family move, and Hannah learns early on that she is growing a secret herself.

Even though we get mostly both sides of the story, but dual point of view (Hannah and Aaron), we don’t get to know everything right away. Throughout most of the book there is this big mystery about what happened with Aaron and why he and his family moved. I liked that mystery, we didn’t get to know anything before Aaron was ready to share.

I liked both main characters, and quite a few of the other characters as well (Neville and Hannah’s Gran). In a weird way I liked Katie too, don’t get me wrong, she was mostly a total bitch, but she wanted to be noticed and didn’t make many excuses for it. Sure, most of what she did just got right back to her in a very bad way for her. And I’m not excusing what she did, but for her character it seemed right. (not right as in good, but right as in it fitted perfectely with her character). Hm, I think what I mean to say is that I didn’t like her character, but she was very consistent in her actions. So many characters in so many books, many times turns on a dime and become someone that seems just wrong. With that I mean they have an epiphany of some sorts that makes them change abrubtly into someone else. In my opinion that’s not very realistic, most people don’t change over night.

To sum in up: it was slow in some places, and because of that could have been a little bit shorter. But in the end I liked the story and the characters.

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