When you leave

When you leave is written by Monica Ropal.

Source: I recieved this eARC from the publisher through NetGalley.

Publisher: Running press kids

Publication date: april 7th, 2015

Usually I leave a summary from NetGalley when I get the books through them. I don’t want to do that this time. Simply because I didn’t remember what the books was about when I started reading it. Most of the times I know what the books is about when I start reading it, but in this case it was en excellent read when I didn’t remember.

It starts off with Cass, a skater-girl that have started on a new preppy school. She still hangs out with her three friends, all boys, from her old school. At the new school she tries to be pretty much invisible. But when her locker neighbor starts to smile at her, and he happens to be a cute boy, she doesn’t quite know what to do in the beginning.

In other words, the book starts off like many other cute contemporary reads. Cass doesn’t trust easily, and knows that people often leaves. She just doesn’t excepts what happens with Cooper, her locker neighbor. Because something does happen, and that is the twist I was happy with because I didn’t remember the summary of the book.

It goes to show that not everyone is who you believe they are. Not everything is black and white. But good friendships are always important. The plot was good, the characters were in some ways stereotypes, and I did have a good idea about the ending. However, having an idea about the ending might have something to do with how many books I’ve read in my life and what kind of books I’ve been reading. I liked that the characters had faults, but also redeming qualities at the same time. They weren’t one-dimensional. Yes, there were a lot of Mattie (Cass’s best friend), but I still feel like we didn’t get to know him well enough.

I liked the banter between Cass and Cooper, but the twist made it to little. I also think that the investigation took a little to long time (or space in the book).

In one sentence: Friendships and characters helpes the plot in the book along in a great way, and it’s a fast, but good read 🙂



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