Talking Thursday: Dream Bookstore

Lately I’ve read mostly english YA books; the occasional adult book I’ve read have been in norwegian. So reading an adult book in english takes more time than I thought it would. At the moment I’m reading Mr. Penumbras 24-hour bookstore by Robin Sloan and it got me thinking.

I love books and stories, and if I wasn’t a librarian I think I would have ended up as a bookseller in a bookstore. Although there is one thing that annoys me with most bookstores today, they don’t just sell books. Many bookstore today have so many things they sell that are not books. I would want a bookstore that sold books, and only books (and I would have to be rich to be able to buy all the books I wanted, and I couldn’t work to much because I would want time to read all the books I bought). Then I started to imagine what my dream bookstore would look like…

My dream bookstore would have to parts; one in the front and one in the back. Outside there would be some trees, grass and benches to sit on. Right inside the doors, in the first part, there should be a cute, little cafe where you could sit and talk and read books. The rest of the first part would be a big room with a high ceiling. That room would have new books, and a nice big floorspace for author-events and other similar things. For days without events, the floor should be filled with tables and chairs and couches where people could sit and sample books and play boardgames. This part of the library would be bright and (hopefully) filled with people. There should always be enough staff at work, and they should be allowed to read when they weren’t helping customers. They would all need a t-shirt or something to show to the customers who the staff was.

In the back of the first room there would be an archway with a massive door (that would still be light and easy to open). When you opened that massive door, you would get to the second part of the store. The part of the store that would not be for everyone, mostly because not everyone would find it suitable to their wants and needs. This part would be darker, still with a tall ceiling, chandeliers and a fireplace in the midle of the room. It should have quite a few big, massive tables; perfect for studying. The bookshelves would be filled with older books and encyclopedias, more similar to an older gothic library almost.

In both parts, the light room in the front and the darker in the back, there would be small nooks to sit and enjoy stories. The first part should also have an adjoining room where there would be storytime for kids every day. Of course the parents would be allowed to buy the books from these storytimes after, so they could read them to their kids when they got home.

The second room should have at least one bookshelf that would turn and lead into a secret room and extra hallways. And yes, of course this house would be huge, almost like a castle. Hm, I just realised that it wouldn’t just be two big rooms, there would be many… If I were to continue on with this idea, the bookstore/library would easily fill the whole castle. (Yes, the second room, the darker one that wasn’t for everyone, would be library-ish).

I’ve now outlined parts of my dream bookstore (/library); what would your dream bookstore look like? Would you have a secret room, and if you did; what would you fill it with?

Tell me your dream, because I would love to make a mental picture of it 🙂

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