Saga: volume two

A few thoughts about Saga: volume two by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. Even though the graphic novel isn’t all that long, it still takes some time to read because I have to look at all the pictures. The graphics in this book are amazing.

I still like the story being told from Hazel’s view. She is still just a baby. I also like how much they involve family, and caring for other people. There are three different stories being told at once, but they are all connected. Hazel tells the story of her family. The other two main characters are The Will and Prince Robot. Most has an agenda of their own, while Hazel and her family just want to survive. The story devolops slowly, but steady. That does not however mean that there isn’t a lof of action, because there is. Some of what happens is quite brutal, but there are loving and tender moments to the story too.

I liked the second volume, and I will continue with the third and fourth volume 🙂

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