Carpe Corpus

Carpe Corpus is the sixth book in Rachel Caine’s The Morganville Vampires series. It’s been a while since I read the first ones, but I’m not sure why it took me this long to pick the serie up again. I like the serie. The books are quick and easy to read.

This book starts with Claire’s birthday, she is living with her parents, but missing the Glass house and the people in it. The problem is that Michael is now controlled by Bishop, as is Claire, Shane is in prison and Eve is pissed off. Claire just wants to see Shane, but Bishop isn’t the nicest guy in town and makes her do him a favor.  Things happen, and since they are in Morganville, things go from bad to worse. Some wants to fight the vampires for control of the town. Amelie is hard to track down, and everyone is fair game to be hunted (by everyone I mean humans, after all, they are just food for Bishop and his followers). Myrnin is still crazy, but now his crazyness is controlled by Bishop (and him controlling anything at all is generally a bad idea).

There are many character in this book that I like: Claire – because she is facing her fears, but not backing down (though, sometimes maybe she should have); Myrnin – just because he is his crazy self, but tries hard not to hurt the people he isn’t supposed to; Michael – even when Bishop turns him bad he is good, and he would still do everything in his power not to hurt the ones he loves; Eve – because, well, she is Eve, does she really need any other explanation?

Then you have the people I’m not so sure about: Shane – yes, I know he is Claire’s boyfriend, but does he has to be such a hot-headed mess all the time? Amelie – she should have been clearer with where she was standing, and she should have helped people, and yes, the vampire has to look out for her people, but if all the humans are killed, where would the vampires get “food”? She should have been in the frontline of the fight to urge everyone to fight harder, but then she goes and hide? Don’t get me wrong, I get that sometimes in a war you have to take a step back to see the big picture, but still, sometimes Amelie annoyes me.

I like the story that unfolds slowly between Claire and Shane. I do wish it was more of Michael and Eve as a pair, and their whole group as friends. I think they need it; and I know I would love to see it. Well, I guess I’ll just read the next book in the serie to see if I get more of what I want 🙂

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