Saga: volume three and four

I realise that thoughts about graphic novels aren’t as many as thoughts about books (the books do tend to be longer). Since I’m not good with writing about comics (yet), this will be a short post (even though I’m writing about both volume three and four in the same post…)

In volume three of Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, we get some more backstory to the main characters. That is something I enjoy; another thing I enjoy is the art. I like the main characters, even though there are limits to how much backstory and story in general we get to know, we still get quite a bit.

The theme with family is very strong in this comic. Sure some families are tied by blood, but there are some families that just start without the people in it not even realising that’s what they are doing. They are making a family that is not connected by blood.

In volume four the theme with family continues, and get stronger. We still follow a few main characters, and their stories goes really well together.

I liked the book; the art and the story. Although I thought some parts of it was almost a little to graphic; yes, I’ve seen the rating M on it, but still, in my opinion not all of the sexual graphics were necessary. But hey, that’s just me. I would like to continue on with reading the serie, because I loved how the story evolved 🙂

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