Soul of the fire

When continuing a serie, it’s usually best if it hasn’t been too long since you’ve read the last book. I’ve now just finished book #5 in “The sword of truth” by Terrry Goodkind; Soul of the fire. For many years I’ve written up what I’m reading (since 2008), and when I checked, I read book #4 in the serie in 2010. Which meant it took a little while before I was really into the book. (Can you blame me?)

I liked the story in the book, but I do have a little complaint; there are descriptions of everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything! There are descriptions of what clothes almost everyone we meet are wearing, how they look, all the sounds you can “hear”, how all buildings look, the weather and all that comes with it (how the grass is swaing in the wind), every little movement the character you follow do, even if it’s just to show you can get splinters from carying firewood… Don’t get me wrong, I liked it when an author describes a place so I can picture it in my mind, but I am capable of filling out some blanks, I don’t need to be explained every singel little detail… If some of the descriptions where cut, the book would have been shorter, but it wouldn’t have taken away anything from the story. (at least that’s my opinion)

The characters, well, some are well built, but many of them don’t feel fully developed. With that I mean that they feel one-dimensional, they are one way or another, with not much of character growth.

I do love how the world building, the magic and how it is explained. In my opinion, that’s where the book gets its strength. The world and everything in it (except some of the people) are well thought out, and it is the reason I like this book.

I know I’m not saying a lot about the synopsis of the book, but hey, you can read that on Goodreads here. Yes, the books are big, but I liked the world, so I’m going to continue on with the serie (in may, because my TBR for april is full 🙂 )

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