Bergdorf blondes

Bergdorf blondes is written by Plum Sykes. It’s very much a chick-lit book, and I loved it! I haven’t read chick-lit in so long, so it was about time 🙂

It’s about women in New York, the rich kind that gets everything they want, when they want it. They jetset all over the world because they want to, gets invited to parties and live what many would consider fabulous lives.

The book tells the story of the main character and her friends. Most of them live charmed lives. The drama they create are usually blown out of proportions (which is why I find this kind of books entertaining). There are of course men involved (wether they want it or not), and fashion.

Can’t say much more about the book, because lets face it, these kind of books don’t always have the biggest plot, but my oh my, they are entertaining. It was a fun and fast read, and the book will be living in my bookshelf in case a need a quick read at some point.

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