Kiss of death

Kiss of death is the 8th book in the Morganville vampires serie by Rachel Caine. In many ways this book was similar to the rest of the serie (it is, after all, a serie). On the other hand, this book was very different.

The difference with this book was yes, it started in Morganville, but Claire, Eve, Shane and Michael was allowed to go to Dallas for a trip. Michael is good with music, so he got to go to a studio to record, at least, that was the plan. But, if you know Morganville, not everything goes according to plan…

First, the four gets a chaperone, Oliver of all people (or should I say vampires?). Oliver needs to take a little detour before they get to Dallas, that’s when the crazy starts….

I still like Oliver, but in this book I did miss Myrnin, so I’m hoping it’s more of him in the next book. There were the occasional surprise in this book, and I loved that! (but I can’t say what it was in the fear of spoiling in for anyone) Or, at least they were surprises for me… I love the banter that always seem to go on between Shane and Michael, it’s a kind of awesome bromance.

Even though I really like this serie, I’m starting to get a little bored with vampires. I just read a norwegian book about what at least I would refer to as smart zombies, maybe that should be a new trend? 🙂

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