The elite

The eliteThe elite is written by Kiera Cass, and is #2 in The selection serie. In the beginning of this book, there are only six girls left in the competition for prince Maxon’s heart (and the kingdom, obviously). America is still struggeling with who to choose; prince Maxon or Aspen?

We get to know the other girls a little bit better in this book (which is quite natural since there are only six left), and I’m very happy about that. We also get a little glimpse of America’s maids. I would love to know more of the backstory to those maids, I think that could be very interesting. There is also another aspect of this book, a more political one than in the first book (The selection). There are rebels, both from the north and the south, that don’t like how things are. There are differences to the rebels from north and south, while one of the sides only tries to disrupt as much as possible, the other side is more, well, deadly…

Even when we get to know the girls better, there are limits to how well we get to know Maxon. One thing is for sure, not everything is always what it seems to be.

I think I liked this book better than the first one (even though America is still whiny), and I will read the next book in the serie.

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