Ghost town

Ghost town

Ghost town is the ninth book in the Morganville vampires serie by Rachel Caine. Claire Danvers is still alive; with that I mean that she is still human. After all, Morganville, humans and vampires does have some issues.

Yet again a lot of things happen, and Claire (since she is the main character) is in the middle of a lot of it. When you have a town like Morganville, you have to make sure the media outside the town don’t really get to know what’s going on inside the town borders. The founder and Myrning had managed to keep a border in a special way, but not everything goes according to plan at all times. When something happen and it’s possible to drive cars away from Morganville, and for those who leave to keep their memories, you know that something bad will happen because of it. When people in the town (and this time I mean both humans and vampires when I say people) start to forget and loose their memories, someone has to pay. Preferable before everyone in town turns against each other.

As usual, Claire are handed problems, and needs help from her friends. In other words, the plot in these books are somewhat similar, but at the same time they are very different.

I still like this serie, and want to continue it. There is one problem with talking about this book though, I’m trying to be vague as to not spoil it too much, but I’m not sure if I’m doing a good enough job… That is always the challenge when talking about sequals.

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  1. I haven’t read the Morganville Vampires yet, but I own quite a few of them and plan to. It kind of bugs me that some of these books in the series are compiled two-in-one while others are just one bounded copy, like Ghost Town, so they look funky on the shelf, haha. #bookshelfproblems


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