Zali Luna: Movie star

Zali Luna

I want to thank the author for sending me a digital copy of this book for reveiw.

Zali Luna: Movie Star is written by Emma Jamvold.

It starts off with the teenager Zali, when she is told that she got the lead role in a movie. Her costar is the famous and very good looking Oliver Lamond. Zali gets both really excited and a little bit worried, she thinks it’s incredible that she got the part, but she will have to kiss Oliver in one of the last scenes in the movie. The kiss that will happen drives the story forward, because, at 16 Zali still haven’t kissed a boy. She is so scared her first kiss will be on screne for everyone to see. She needs a plan. There are of course the additional problems; Emma – a movie star that will play Zalis best friend in the movie, and Harry – the guy that helps drive Zali around when she is working on the movie.

In other words, this is a story that have been told many times before, and in many ways. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, it was a very cute read. Even though the thought of somebody completely unknown gets a lead in a movie, it could happen, possibly. The fangirling and crush on the good looking famous guy however, is very believebal. In that way the book seemed realistic. How Zali messes up, and can’t get a proper word out when Oliver is around, yes, that is something I believe. The bitchie Emma, yes, I believe her to, and the same with Harry. What I’m trying to say, I believe in these people, I might not like all of them, but they do seem real.

How Zali continously freak out about not having kissed a boy, yes, very much real. (My first kiss wasn’t on screene, but I remember freaking out about the fact that it seemed everyone had kissed someone but me.)

The book is less that 200 pages, so it was a quick read (I read it in one sitting). It was a cute and fun book šŸ™‚

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