Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

Title: Ms. Marvel: No normal

Writer: G. Willow Wilson; Artist: Adrian Alphona

Ms. Marvel in five words: diversity, super-heroe, muslim, action, family.

I’ve seen different movies from the Marvel-universe, but I think this is the first comic I’ve read from the universe. I loved that the main character in this comic is muslim and not white. With the campaign #WeNeedDiverseBooks going around the internet, and seeing a lot of books being featured in this campaign, I’ve realised that most of the books I read have mainly white characters. The religion of the characters are either not mentioned or they are christian. This comic is different! 🙂

Kamala Khan is a teenager, a muslim; and the new Ms. Marvel? I liked how the story unfolded with Kamala trying to figure out who she is. In addition I loved that her family is in the picture… We get to know her brother and her parents. Her parents seem so realistic, they both worry and want her to be okay.

I liked the art in this comic, but I didn’t love it. It helped the story along, but to me it didn’t really stand out. On the other hand, I’m used to novels, so I don’t focus on the art all that much. Maybe, when I read more comics and graphic novels, I will get more used to the combination of text and art, and it will (hopefully) feel more natural to me to read.

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