Anna and the french kiss

Anna and the french kiss

Title: Anna and the french kiss

Autor: Stephanie Perkins

Anna and the french kiss in (almost) five words: cute, movies, boarding school, France, warm fuzzy feelings inside.

This is the first book in a companion-serie called Anna and the french kiss; the second book is Lola and the boy next door (which I have read), and the third is Isla and the happily ever after (which I haven’t read yet, but am hoping to get to it soon). Since I have read Lola and the boy next door, I did know a little bit of what would happen to Anna by the end of the book. Usually I dislike knowing what is going to happen, but in this book it was okay. Which to me is weird.

It starts off with Anna, how she is being sendt to boarding school in Paris. I found myself a little jealous of her, I mean, it’s Paris! and boarding school. Yes, I get that it’s weird to want to try boarding school, but I find it interesting. It’s like it’s own little community, it might be a little scary to have so many strangers that close, but I also find it fascinating.

I loved seeing the friendships in this book develop, for the most part they seemed realistic. And Anna says it herself, who can’t help but love Etienne St. Clair? He is an amazing guy, and I love how it’s mentioned several times throughout the book how short he is. I mean, most of the hot guys in books are physically incredible. Don’t get me wrong, St. Clair don’t have any problems with that, but he is short, which is not that common šŸ™‚

Anna and St. Clair are both the main characters, even though the story is told from Anna’s point of view. Some of the side characters (can I even call them that?); Meredith, Josh and Rashmi are almost main characters to in my opinion, because they are ever present. St. Clair’s girlfriend however, isn’t that close, and we barely see her. And I’m totally okay with that. Partly because I knew where some of it was going. The banter between Anna and St. Clair, and the rest of them shows a good friendship.

I laughed out loud several times while reading this book šŸ™‚

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