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Wolf children: Ame & Yuki

June 10, 2015

Wolf children - Ame & Yuki

Title: Wolf children: Ame & Yuki

Original story: Mamoru Hosoda; Art: Yu; Character design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Source: borrowed from the library

Such a beautiful graphic novel! The art was amazing, which meant I used more time reading this book than I thought I would. I kept staring at the pictures, at all the details. I will admit that I still prefer the art with color, but the black and white grew on me as I kept reading the book.

The story was great. I loved being able to see Ame and Yuki grow up, quite literally due to the art. I can’t say much about it, except that I enjoyed it. Most of the time I read books at a fairly fast pace just so I can see the story unfold, but with this book I felt like I was taking a lot longer to read than I usually do. This is a book you can enjoy because of the story; and the art. This is a book that should be read at a slow pace, just to be able to appreciate all that it is 🙂

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