Title: Wool (Silo #1)

Author: Hugh Howey

Source: borrowed at the library

In five words: society, poisionus, currage, stupidity, dreams.

When I started reading this book, it reminded me a lot of Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Probably because they both take place under ground. Sure, Red rising is on Mars, and Wool is on earth, but still.. Wait, that was about it, but hey, it’s a start. The people in Wool live in a silo right under the surface of earth. There are cameraes above the ground they can sometimes see the world through, but they get filthy. When the cameraes are filthy, they send out cleaners. The cleaners can’t come back to the silo, the world outside is toxic.

The main character, Juliette (Jules amongst friends), works deep down in the silo. After lot of persuasion, she walks up the stairs to become the new sheriff. That’s isn’t really what she wants, but she still does it. Most of the story is in Jules point of view, the rest of the story we get from others.

There is one thing that is absolutely forbidden in the silo, and that is talking about what is outside. That is dangerous.

I really liked how this book was told, but it was a bit to long (524 pages). I liked the characters, or, I didn’t like all the characters, but I liked how they were portrayed. They seemed realistic. I’m eargerly waiting to read the next book in the serie.

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