Bite club

Bite club

Title: Bite club (The Morganville vampires #10)

Author: Rachel Caine

Source: borrowed at the library

The book i five words: vampires, fighting, murder, change and challenges.

Claire, Eve, Shane and Michael is still living in the glass house. Claire is still working for Myrnin. Claire should know better by now; Morganville is never a boring town… When Shane finds something in the mail, he gets excited. There is finally a gym in town that is willing to teach self-defense to the humans, from the vampires. It’s safe to say that things go bad pretty quickly, which is rather normal for Morganville, at least when the old man is still there…

Claire is still sometimes scared, but other times she just does what she has to before she can think to much about it. She isn’t a damsel in distress, she is starting to fight back, and hold her ground when need be. This is great, it shows clearly that Claire is growing as a person. Myrnin is still his crazy self, which I always find amusing πŸ™‚ Shane does some growing as a person too, but it seem more hidden, but we do get glimpses into his thoughts in this book, which I really appreciated.

There were a lot a secrets in this book, just not between vampires and humans, but between the four living in the glass house. That is okay, because sometimes there is a good reason to keep secrets (but now always!). I did miss the glass house reacting to all this secrecy, because the house usually seems so in tune with its residents. Maybe this is because I’m starting to see the house as a character on its own, and it didn’t have a big role is this book so I missed it a little?

All in all still an entertaining serie that I will continue πŸ™‚

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