Series – it’s so many of them

A while back, I found a website: FictFact, it’s amazing for keeping track of the series your reading 🙂 Ever since 2008 I’ve written down the author and title of the books I’ve been reading in a little black book. So when I found this website, I made a profile before I started the job (it took a while) finding all the books that belonged to series I have read. (unfortunately for me it only has english books, and I do sometimes read norwegian series to…)

I’m bad at finishing series… at the moment I have a totalt of 106 series, and it’s only for 14 of them that I’m finished with; or at least currently finished with, because some of them have more books in the serie coming out… When I first found the site, I thought: this is great, this way I’ll see my progress when I’m finishing the series. Turns out, it’s not that easy. I keep starting new series, some of them because I didn’t know that they were a serie when I started, but others I just wanted to read because the book seemed interesting in some way.

I think the most ennoying thing is that for many of the series, I just need to read one more book and I will be done. The problem is that for many of the series, it’s been a while since I read the rest of the books. Which makes it hard to get into the story again 😦 Even though I have marked most of the novellas in series as skipped, I still have so many books left to read in all the series…

So I’m wondering; how do you keep track of your series? Do you finish all the series you start, or do you DNF a serie if you don’t like it enough? What do you do if it’s been a long time since you read the previous book in a serie; do you reread, or just jump into the next hoping you will remember enough?

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