Me and Earl and the dying girl

Me and Earl and the dying girl

Title: Me and Earl and the dying girl

Author: Jesse Andrews

I borrowed the book at the libray.

This is the funniest book you’ll ever read about death.

It is a universally acknowledged trught that high school sucks. Bun on the first day of his senior year, Greg Gaines thinks he’s figured it out: the answer to the basic existential question, how is it possible to exist in a place that sucks so bad? Keep an insanely low profile. Make mediocre films with the one person who is even sort of his friend, Earl. This plan works for exactly eight hours. Then Greg’s mom forces him to become friends with a girl who has cancer. This brings about the destruction of Greg’s entire life.

I heard that this book had been made into a movie, so I wanted to read it before I watched the movie. The book itself states that it’s the funniest book you’ll read about death, so I did go in with high hopes. I should know better.

This might make me a little unpopular, because I didn’t enjoy this book. I did not DNF the book, but I was bored a lot while reading this book. I don’t mind reading books with “all the feels”,  but this book mostly made me yawn. I didn’t really find a lot of humor in this book, or it might just be that I don’t have the same humor as other people that have read this book. I found the characters mostly ennoying and kind of flat. Sure, in some ways we were getting to know Greg, but after reading a whole book from Greg’s point of view, I still don’t feel like I know much about Greg. Earl was, to me, just a side character that tried to be there for comic relief, but since it wasn’t my kind of humor, it fell flat. The dying girl, Rachel, was just barely in the book, we didn’t get to know her at all. Wow, that was a lot of bashing the characters… 😦

However there was something I did like about the book: how it was written; ordinary prose, lists and screenplay excerpts. It kept changing the story up, and for me, that what’s made it bearable to read. The ending might not be the traditional ending either, but that was the other thing I liked about this book.

All in all, this was not a book for me 😦 which makes me unsure whether I want to watch the movie or not…

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