Moviefriday: The book thief

The book thief

Movie: The book thief; based on the book with the same name by Markus Zusak.

Starring: Geoffrey Rush, Emily Watson and Sophie Nélisse.

I’ve been wanting to read the book by Zusak for a few years now, but I’ve never gotten around to it. Instead, I chose to watch the movie. I’m very glad that I did! (and I’m SO going to read the book too, just to experience the story one more time; or more…)

It’s world war two in Germany. Liesel is living with her fosterparents that are hiding a jew in their basement. She can’t read or write, but her forsterfather helps her learn. She starts to steal books and share them with others.

I’m sitting here with a very sad, but very good feeling at the same time. Not really sure what to say; watch the movie!!!

I will admit that one of my favorite moments from the movie was a snowballfight in the basement. Additionally, some of the things that were said; “it wasn’t always mine” (about books); “words are life”; and “he reminded people of their humanity”; just resonated with me. The second time Liesel picks up a book, it’s after they burned so many books. (I think I’ve seen that scene somewhere before, but I’m not sure.) That one scene filled me with dread and sadness. Sadness because books are a big part of me, and to see books being burned, even if it’s just on screen, makes me sad. It filled me with dread because it’s a scary thing. To some that might seem strange, because I’m a librarian and I don’t have a problem putting books to recycling or putting them in the trash. The last two things are okay because yes, the books will be permanently gone, but there are always more copies of those books. The burning of books is scary because if someone are able to gather all the copies of one specific book and burn them, that book would be gone forever. If a book has been burned to ashes, it’s gone forever.

I’ve started to ramble; out of fear of bookburning… Liesel was an amazing character, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her so many times, but I also thought of her as very strong and brave. She was smart, but she was still sometimes naiv. She was a well-rounded character, and she brightened the life of those close to her 🙂

If you (like me) haven’t read the book, read it! Watch this movie, it’s amazing (beware of all the feels…) 🙂

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