August TBR

I didn’t read all the books I intended to read last month, but I still read a lot. I started a new feature on the blog in july: Moviefriday – where I write about a movie I’ve seen recently. It will be movies that we have on DVD at the library I work at, and hopefully a good mix of genres. Are there any movies that I should watch? as in, which movies should “everyone” have watched at some point in their lives?

Now, out of the books I want to read this month, some are in norwegian and some are in english. I’ll start with the english books; I’ve read a book by Ian Caldwell before, and The fifth gospel came highly recommended by one of our lenders at the library. Other books people have been raving that I want to read are Simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda and Golden son. Two other books that I want to read, but haven’t heard a lot of people talking about are Seed and Grasshoppe Jungle (reading the last one in norwegian because that’s what we had at my library).

The norwegian books are either written in norwegian, or translated to norwegian. Young adult: Basic CMYK, young adult dystopia: Øya, criminal: Alex, and a novel about books: Det litterære apotek.

I’m still listening to The death cure by James Dashner on audiobook, and I’m only on the third CD (out of seven)… Additionally, I’m still reading Catch-22 by Joseph Heller for my bookclub (not meeting until the start of september, so I’ve got time).

Was july a good readingmonth for you? Which books are you going to read in august? Have you read any of the books I want to read this month, if so, what did you think of them?

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