…was my job interview. I was really nervous, but I think I did okay. At least I hope that I did.

It’s always hard to tell in my opinion. Did they like me? Were they just polite? I mean, it seemed that we got along well, but they might get along well with the other people they were going to interview too.

For the job they had gotten a total of 97 (!) applications. They had chosen to interview six, and I was one of the six. Which is really good because that means that I was definitely amongst the top people, but there are still no garanties.

Four of the other interviews were going to happen today, and the last will happen on friday. Meaning – I won’t know anything until next week. That’s going to be a long week…

I have applied for a couple of other jobs to, but this is the one that I want. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Are you waiting for anything at the moment?

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