New week, new opportunities

Last week ended both on the good and the bad for me.

The bad is that they didn’t call from the job I was interviewed for, meaning – I didn’t get it. Which sucked because I really wanted that job. But, you know, that is life for you sometimes (or, for me in this case).

The good was that the weekend – saturday and sunday was good days. I got up early, went for a long walk, did things around the house, read some and felt pretty good.

It’s now a new week and I have work later in the day. I want to stay hopeful and relaxed, but I’m currently vibrating on the inside (bad sign). So even though I want this to be a good day and a good week, I’m not sure if it will happen.

Thinking happy thoughts are hard when you have depression, but I’m trying. Hard. I keep thinking about the fact that I’ll be seeing my parents this week and we will have dinner together. I’m also going to visit a friend later this week, and she is easy to talk to, we get along great and I really enjoy spending my time with her. We might even work a bit in her yard – which is something I like doing.

And I just got a phonecall, that I got an appointment for careerguidence tomorrow. Good things to come in other words – focusing on that.

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