Job applications

That’s is what I’m focusing on these days. I’m trying to find jobs that I find interesting that I would like to work with – therefor I apply.

I still haven’t figured out just what I want to do, but I know I will need a job come august. Or, maybe I will have an extra long break and not start working until september? Like an extended vacation? Travel somewhere?

To bad I am to scared to travel alone, and with little money coming in, that would be hard anyway. On the other hand, things have a way of working out – I just have to believe it will.

So many places online I keep hearing about online business and online entrepreneurs and motivators and people that blog and speak and write for a living; that sounds so appealing to me. The fact that many of them make a desent living out of it; they are their own boss and get to choose when to work, – it all sounds like things I would enjoy very much. The challenge I feel like I’m facing is I am not sure where to start, or what I would like to focus on.

Motivating and encourage others, in combination with inspiring and helping people, fascinates me. I keep hearing about coaches and I find myself drawn to that aspect of a lot of things. Maybe I could be a coach? The challenge is that I don’t know how to go about that. Or, I have done some research – I could become a coach, but that would require about three years of full time school – something I can’t afford because I have bills to pay. I could save up money though – so there is always an alternative.

For now: writing job applications.

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