Life is like a roller coaster

Life always goes up and down; some times more than others. This week have been both high and low.

The high this week was a call I got about a job in a bookstore. A possible job!

The low was also about the job in the bookstore. I will probably not be able to get it because of current job. I’m on a sickleave from current job; I am still currently struggeling with a depression, and my current job isn’t making it any better. Since I’m still on a sickleave and only work 60% (I have a 100% job), I can’t take on a new job as long as that situation is what it is.

Partly due to my depression I tend to focus on the bad side of things; which sucks! So I got very upset when I realised that I wouldn’t be able to work that job until august, and by then the boss will probably have found someone else because I’m sure she will need someone there for the summer months.

What I should focus on is that from august I am no longer affiliated with current job, and then I will be free to work in that bookstore.

I really like the idea of working in that bookstore; I know they will be great co-workers. That, and the fact that I would be working with sales and books is the reasons I would love to work at that store. On monday I have a meeting with the boss, and will keep my fingers crossed that she is willing to wait until august and let me have a little job then.

So that is the biggest roller coaster of my life this week; what is your roller coaster this week?

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